About Us

Our Aim
This organisation aims to address many of the problems that healthcare organisations face on a regular basis, and have very little dependable help available for the same. These include , but are not limited to, service design, business development, practice management, process engineering, cost containment, pharmacy management, Quality and Accreditation and International business development.
It also aims at providing advice to consumers of healthcare, handholding them to access healthcare, based on insider information on best doctors , with excellent track record of outcomes and compliance to best practices. It will also ensure obtaining fair prices for healthcare services to clients registered with it.
Our Scope
The organisation will cater to requirements of Healthcare organisations of every size and specialisation.
It also aims to provide technology based support to users of Healthcare services to enable them to get access to the best services at a fair price.
Our Team
  • The organisation boasts of a strong team, hand-picked by the CEO and MD, Dr Sujata Malik, who is a known name in the Indian healthcare industry. She has held significant leadership roles in major hospitals across the country. She is associated with NABH as Principal Assessor for several years now. She is a thought leader and has made a mark in the healthcare industry.
  • We have our in-house experts in the field of medicine, business development, pharmacy management, logistics and security management, financial advisors, and so on.
  • We are also associated with several consultancy organisations across the country, hence increasing our band-width, and capability of handling projects in different parts of the country.